With current consumer expectation for a constant flow of new designs, your need for efficient interactive pattern making software is ever more essential for a competitive offering.

As the product life cycle of fashion items has seen a decrease in recent years, production of clothing must be responsive and cost conscious.

Like many companies who not only supply fashion across the globe, you may also be producing apparel in several countries.

Benefit from Accuracy and Speed

made to measureMarking even your most complex pattern designs takes a matter only of seconds with our intelligent lay planning software.

Capable of nesting graded designs, pattern direction is taken into account while simultaneously maximising take up. Your result
is rapid creation of markers ready for immediate electronic transfer to cutting machinery.


Pattern Making Software to Make Your Life Easier


Flexible fashion design software enables design, sampling and manufacturing processes to take place in different centres.
With Assyst Bullmer you get;

  • Apparel design software which interfaces with CAD patterns and cutting machinery at different manufacturing
    centres assuring interruption-free cross-border processing
  • Electronic transfer of graded and nested patterns to customers and manufacturers such as for sampling purposes or production runs
  • Marker making and costings that achieve the best efficiency. Achieving this level of industry excellence in fashion grading and nesting software contributes to your cost control
  • Cutting machinery guided by the pattern making software producing graded fabric
    pieces with ultimate precision and reduced waste due to fewer errors
  • A partnership for your operation with on-line support and support helpline
    helping you find solutions to software or hardware challenges

See our made to measure solutions, including our unique 3D body scanning tools

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Assistance from assyst bullmer

leotard fashion designOnce you have purchased pattern making software or cutting machinery from assyst bullmer,
you will have excellent access to our back up care and maintenance facilities.

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