About Our Composite Cutting Machines

Composites materials are widely used in today’s fast moving technology – anywhere from amazing F1 racing cars, aerospace, wind turbines, motorsport, sport equipment to piping & tubing, body armor and many others. Latest achievements in composites enable the manufacturers to develop lighter, more stress-resistant products.

However, with ever-growing variety of composite materials the pressure on composites manufacturers is growing in order to deliver faster and more accurate production (using the kit cutting machines) and high-precision composites products.

Assyst Bullmer’s composite cutting machines deliver just that – modern, fast & flexible ply and kit cutting technology for composites to match the toughest production demands. Our composite kit cutting solution consists of the best cutting technology, bespoke sizes of cutting tables, reliable and affordable servicing and great support team.

We provide single and multi-ply composites cutting machines, which are built to the highest standards and can be equipped with the range of tools to cope even with the most diverse range of the composite materials: Kevlar TM, DyneemaTM, carbon fibre, glass fi- bre, chopped strand glass, pre preg material, unidirectional materials and many more.

To Cope With This Wide Range of Materials and Challenges We Offer These Tools:

  • Drag knife – pre preg composite materials
  • Electric oscillating knife – pre pregs and woven composites
  • Driven rotary blade – most types of composites
  • Pneumatic oscillating knife – most types of composites
  • Range of drills and punching tools
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Our Machines Can Cut Through The Toughest Composite Materials

Interested in Our Composite Cutting Machines?

If you are interested in one of our composite cutting machines, or maybe you’re unsure if they're worth the investment, why not reach out to a member of our team today?

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