About Nesting

Assyst Bullmer’s intelligent automated nesting combined with expert upholstery cutting machinery ensures optimal cost control without compromising quality.

Whether you are mass producing furniture or creating exclusive customer designs, you have the assurance of our expert support throughout the upholstery cutting process.

When cutting expensive material requiring perfect alignment of pattern or grain, you would expect nothing less than consistently excellent results our machinery achieves, whatever your sector.

We will find you the right tools to cut upholstery ranging from flatbed cutting equipment for larger manufacturers to small handheld cutting devices suited to artisan workshops.

Nesting , 2D and 3D design

3D design software lets you create 2D pattern templates direct from the model and visualise different covers in 3D, reducing prototype cost and bringing products to market quicker.

2D pattern design software lets the upholsterer match curves, add notches and control surface areas to improve productivity.

Automated nesting software enables marking and scanning tasks to take place in either the same location as the cutting equipment or remotely for multi-site operations for costing or production

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