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Our Bullmer cutting machines deliver fast & flexible ply and kit cutting technology, for composites production, to match the toughest and hardest composites production demands. Our composite kit cutting solution consists of the best cutting technology, bespoke sizes of cutting tables, reliable and affordable servicing and great support team.

We provide single ply and multi-ply composites kit cutting machines, which are built to the highest standards and can be equipped with the range of tools to cope even with the most diverse range of the composite materials: Kevlar TM, DyneemaTM, carbon fibre, glass fibre, chopped strand glass, pre preg material, unidirectional materials and many more.

To cope with this wide range of materials and challenges we offer these tools:

  • Drag knife – pre preg composite materials
  • Electric oscillating knife – pre pregs and woven composites
  • Driven rotary blade – most types of composites
  • Pneumatic oscillating knife – most types of composites
  • Range of drills and punching tools

The quality of Assyst Bullmer technology has been realised and used by many composites manufacturers around UK.

We have a range of marking and identification methods for your composites parts. We offer labelling device and ink jet printer with aero- space approved inks. Both of these can be installed on the cutting head of the machine or in individual zones – off load or pre load.

Once the part have been cut we offer highly visual part identification with laser projector or off load monitor, to enable the operator correct unloading sequence and therefore reduce the misplacement of parts.

CAD Software solution for composites:
Our latest CAD pattern design and nesting software will ensure that your production will benefit from minimal waste and optimal production planning. We have streamlined the process of bringing the composites parts, from concept to production, to the maximum. Starting with a wireless digitizing pen, followed by our powerful and fast CAD design and nesting software, you will get the best results and features available on the market.

We are moving with times and therefore we have developed with our partners and automated composites production cell with a robotic un- load and placement of the composites parts.

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