About Car Mats

Take just one type of car, say an Audi A4, will the car mats for a 2012 model year Audi A4 be the same as for a 2004 model year? A cabriolet? An S4? An automatic? Left hand drive/right hand drive? There is a vast range of shapes in every range of car so it is unrealistic to buy a “Universal” car mat set for a few pounds from a supermarket and expect very much from the product.

Car Mat manufacturers make “Tailored” products which are car mats cut to fit precisely in your car, whether it is the latest Aston Martin, a classic Austin Healey Sprite or a Toyota Yaris. Most car mat manufacturers sell their car mats via the inter- net, where customers can choose the colour of carpet, embroidery and trim as well as the model to match their car.

Car Mat manufacturers usually have templates for over 200 types of car available in order to supply their customers and the only way they can do this is to use Assyst Bullmer’s software and car mat cutter.

Assyst Bullmer make accessing the templates for new cars easy, whether by physically digitising the foot well using the digipen or collecting the patterns from original Cad drawings. The shapes are then stored by manufacturer, model and variant ready to be recalled instantly when an order arrives.

The various customer orders can be grouped together for efficiency of carpet use and cut on a Premiumcut Car Mat cutter. The Premiumcut pulls carpet directly from the roll, cuts the individual mat shapes precisely and identifies the customer or- der for each mat. From order to cut car mats is usually a few minutes, that’s why delivery is so quick.

The Premiumcut Car Mat cutter has been chosen by every major car mat manufacturer in the UK as it is without equal for this market. The Premiumcut typically saves 20% of the carpet due to efficient nesting against any other method, it cuts one set or a full roll of car mats automatically with the same accuracy, doesn’t require polythene or other expensive consumables.

So, next time you look down at your car mats; if they fit, you can be sure they have been cut on an Assyst Bullmer Premiumcut.

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