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We take great pride in our extensive experience and expertise in supplying top-of-the-line CNC knife-cutting machines throughout the UK and Ireland. Our partnership with Bullmer, a renowned German manufacturer, brings with it exclusive access to cutting-edge technology. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers, delivering our machines promptly and providing professional installation services. Our commitment doesn’t stop there, we have a comprehensive aftercare service ready to assist you with any questions that may arise. We understand every industry has unique requirements, which is why we offer personalised demonstrations to showcase how our products cater to various sectors.

Our Digital Knife-Cutting Machines

We have a wide range of automatic cutting machines for sale, with high-quality features to unlock new levels of efficiency for your business.

Single Ply Cutters

If you require precision and accuracy in your cutting tasks, our single-ply cutting machines are the perfect solution. We offer two models: the Premiumcut and the Bullmer XCUT, each with unique benefits.

The Premiumcut, is our flagship cutter, which offers customisation options that cater to any industry, producing high-quality cuts on all types of materials. This model has impressive acceleration speeds of up to 2g and a maximum speed of 120 meters per minute and comes with a versatile range of tools, for composites, upholstery, textile, fashion and other industries.

The XCUT is an affordable option suitable for beginners and those with limited space, yet capable of cutting materials up to 35mm thick. The XCUT is also versatile, making it suitable for various industries and businesses of all sizes.

Multi Ply Cutters

Introducing the Turbocut and Procut multi-ply cutting machines - two exceptional tools designed to meet your mass production needs.

The Turbocut offers the highest standard of cutting technology, ensuring unmatched performance in the industry. With a maximum cutting height of 25mm and a repeat accuracy of 0.1mm, it provides precise and consistent cuts. The Procut, on the other hand, offers a maximum cutting height of 100mm and caters to a wide range of materials.

These multi-ply cutters are ideal for apparel, upholstery, and automotive industries, where high-volume production is crucial. With their advanced capabilities and unparalleled precision, the Turbocut and Procut multi-ply cutters are trusted solutions for achieving superior results in your manufacturing processes.

Automatic Cutting Machine Benefits

Bullmer is an industry leader when it comes to cutting machine software and technology, so it’s no surprise that their cutting machines come with a wide range of benefits.


One benefit of CNC knife-cutting machines is their high precision and accuracy. When it comes to automated cutting technology, it is one of the most accurate on the market. All our stocked cutting machines have a repeat accuracy of 0.1mm, meaning they can consistently reproduce the same movement within this range. This is ideal for those in the aerospace and automotive industry where tight tolerances are required.


Many of our digital cutting machines feature both high cutting speeds as well as high positioning speeds for maximal productivity in industrial production lines. Our single-ply cutting machines have a top speed of 120m/minute and our multi-ply cutting machines have a top speed of up to 90m/minute, material and geometry depending.


Digital cutting tables offer several safety benefits compared to traditional manual machining methods. With its computer-controlled automation, they reduce the need for direct human contact with cutting tools. This minimises the risk of injuries caused by potential errors or accidents during the machining process. Additionally, our machines come equipped with safety features such as protective enclosures, emergency stop buttons, and safety interlocks to minimise hazards whilst in use.


Investing in digital cutting systems also has long-term cost benefits. By automating this aspect of the manufacturing process, you can optimise production efficiency, reduce labour costs and minimise waste. Our automatic cutting machines have high precision and accuracy meaning less opportunity for errors and their automated computer system requires minimal supervision.

Discover Our Cutting Machine Software

Here at Assyst Bullmer, we are sure to have you covered with our comprehensive cutting machine software. Not only are our digital cutting machines built with quality materials, but they are also installed with the latest technology systems for an all-around solution to your cutting needs.


CAD stands for computer-aided design systems and to put it simply, this provides the machine with your desired cutting instructions. Our CAD design software is compatible with both 2D and 3D designs and boasts many cutting-edge features for the utmost convenience. Our intelligent lay planning software works with even the most intricate designs and marks them up almost instantly.

With a reduction in labour and material wastage, our CAD system is sure to not only save money but time. Want to find out more about our advanced software systems? Get in touch with us today.


Our automated nesting software promises consistent quality whilst also optimising overall efficiency. With our advanced layout software and data reports, optimise your overall material usage today to reduce waste and unnecessary costs.

Whether you require cutting for a small-scale production or to meet a high-volume demand, we are on hand to streamline this process. Inquire with a member of our friendly team today to talk through your options.

Order Management

Here at Assyst Bulmer, we provide a personalised service to meet your unique demands. We can automate your CAD and nesting software with an integrated order management system to organise your customers ' information.

If you want to enhance your production line today, feel free to get in touch.

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