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Graphics Cutter

Graphics industry:

Every single day we are graced by the presence of great designer works on graphic banners, signs, vinyls, PVC and textiles graphics. Actors and stars smiling and shining from the magnificent buildings or cars suspended in thin air printed on textile wrapping around building.

All of this achieved by the latest wide format printing and digital finishing cutting machinery and small format printing and digital finishing cutting machinery, using the latest printers ,inks and cutting technology delivering the most spectacular results for all of us to admire.

Drupa Exhibition
Premiumcut ELC 5.2m wide

Within the graphics industry the cutting of the banners, signs, building wraps, building advertising was always considered to be a bottle neck of production. This was due to restrictive size of the digital finishing cutting machines and low speeds of cutting.

Not anymore! Assyst Bullmer now supply the fastest cutting machines on the market with cutting speeds up to 120m/minute and acceleration of the cutting head up to 2G.

We designed our new range of single ply digital finishing cutting machine for graphics – the Premiumcut ELC, to fit your needs and demands. Starting at 1.4m width and finishing at 5.2m wide cutting window capable of handling the widest large format printing products.

We provide wide range of cutting and routing tools as expected from high quality supplier of digital finishing cutting technology into graphics market.

Combination of our new cutting machine with the range of our cutting tools delivers the most accurate and precise cutting in graphics industry with the additional benefit of SPEED.

We use oscillating knifes and driven rotary blades for most of materials used in graphics. However our Premiumcut ELC cutting machine provides up to 5cm cutting depth ability using pneumatic oscillating knife.

Since we have been providing cutting technology to the market for last 25 years we also have extensive experience in material handling. Our unrolling device for heavy duty application can handle rolls for up to 800 kg and your material control is guaranteed by use of laser edge controls for the material feed onto your graphics and digital finishing cutting machine table.

unwinding device for cutting machine

Optiscout Digital Finishing Software Solution

digital finishing production cutting machine

digital finishing production software

In order to ensure the best results of your production and production flow we offer the latest software solution for wide and small format digital finishing. Our software is provided by our partner Eurosystem with their flag ship product Optiscout.

Optiscout works with modular optical recognition system for multifunctional flatbed machines for industrial usage in outline-exactly digital finishing processes and uses the latest technology, like Touch and Go in order to improve customers experience and production

digital finishing software production suiteBenefits of OptiScout software applications for graphics and digital finishing:

  • maximize finishing throughput
  • reduce process costs
  • decrease share of rejects
  • enhance versatility
  • increase precision
  • optimize workflow

OptiScout latest developments: