About Laser Projection

Small size, light weight
CAD-PRO compact is the smallest and lightest laser projector in the market. This makes CAD-PROs easy to handle, from installation to replacement and shipping.

Multicolour projection
CAD-PRO is the only projector in the market that can simultaneously project in three colours. You may dis- play lines in any shape: outlines, straight lines or curves, icons or text.

Enhanced service life
The CAD-PRO LD models use green laser diodes that offer an operating lifetime of up to 30,000 hours – more than three times the service life of DPSS lasers.

Digital control
The actuators for the turning mirrors in CAD-PRO laser projectors are controlled digitally. This eliminates typical errors of analogue systems like thermal drift or susceptibility to EMP.

Easy connection
The laser pattern projector clicks into its tilting bracket and is fixed with one Allen screw. Only one single cable has to be connected.

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