About Nesting Composites

Nesting and marker creation

Streamline your workflow to increase your productivity using quick and easy Marker Making Software.

Cutting layout software, allows you to plan and optimise materials with automated or manual placement of plies on the marker table. Get the most use of your material by organizing plies on specified material definitions using various criteria.

Manage Marker and Ply constrains with flexibility to comply with production requirements such as piece order, bundles, and orientation.

Automated Nesting

Innovative automated nesting algorithms achieve better performance, saving time and material costs by placing pieces intelligently and efficiently.

Several Algorithms are available depending on customer requirements and budget.

Choose how long you want the nest to run and if you want to nest by bundle or random placement.

Typically, a marker that may take an hour to mark out by hand, can take as little as 1 minute to nest automatically, not only saving time but optimising the use of fabric by the algorithm running through multiple layout options. With flexibility you can change nesting criteria such as bundle, substitute, duplicate, edit and change. In just a few minutes you will get quick cost calculations and can generate a costing report.

With quick and easy Marker file creation and nesting, Cut/Plot files are generated in formats that are compatible with all standard Plotters and Cutters.

Apply Nesting Constrains

Manage the marker layout to comply with your production requirements by applying constrains on markers such as buffer around pieces, orientation and piece order.

Manage material limitations by placing flaw dimensions and locations in the marker. The software will nest the Plies around the damages in the material.

Create Excel Data reports that can be used for Material consumption and cost analysis