About CAD Composites

2D CAD Software

Innovative Pattern Design software enables industries to create faster cycles and manufacture products to fit their customer needs. This unique product uses one platform offering powerful 2D design and Nesting software for Technical Industries including, Composites, Aerospace and Automotive.

The Intuitive Interface is based on Microsoft Windows having same functionalities such as cut, copy, and paste. This enables flexible, userfriendly product creation.

Create Your Ply – Ply drafting is revolutionised using the 2D software. Creating Digital Kits from concept to cutting table are generated in a fraction of the time taken using traditional methods. Draft plies from scratch, edit and finalise digital patterns using powerful editing tools.

Plies made Digital – Digitise existing hard copy plies to generate digital patterns with high level accuracy.       Import / Export – Hassle free digital exchange that is fully compatible with all major CAD solutions such as SolidWorks, CATIA and Rhino 3D. Transferable formats include DXF, Adobe Illustrator, Gerber Cutter and HPGL.

3D Flattening

Using 3D technology, import .iges or .obj formats in to 3D Flattening software to build accurate ply pieces from concept.cad

Transform a three-dimensional objects’ surface into two-dimensional patterns.

Select segments of topology to extract panels to flatten for manufacturing.

Panels can be drafted from the 3D form and flattened for manufacture

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