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DigipenThe Digipen has become the most popular method of inputting patterns. It has largely replaced the traditional digitiser boards, and is quicker and less expensive than using a camera or scanner system.

The Digipen is easy to use, it can be used away from the CAD software, wherever your pattern is located, and is easy to use with large or awkwardly shaped patterns.

The patterns to digitize are placed under the special Digitizing sheet (A0 format), and the pen reads the important points on the contour, grain line, notches etc. Multiple patterns can be collected. After finishing digitizing, the Digipen is inserted into the docking station, this is directly connected through USB with the computer and the data on the pen is automatically imported and displayed in PDS.

Pattern Design Software

PDS can be used to create and amend the full range of flat patterns. The working environment and tools available have been designed to make pattern cutting straightforward and fast. Drawing on the experience of many pattern cutters the software has been developed to make the most complex tasks straightforward. Adding darts, amending seams, creating fullness, working on multiple pattern simultaneously are all approached logically and quickly. PDS can also have 3D design (hyperlink to 3D) integrated within the software.Pattern Design Software



Clothing requires grading, whatever the size range S,M,L..10,12,14,16..44short, 44 regular etc. This software is characterized by simple and intuitive handling. The different sizes are colour-coded for better clarity. Grading rules can be applied for single points or whole patterns. Pattern alterations are applied across the full size range automatically. Measurements can be exported in MS Excel to create and compare with size charts.

Pattern grading

Marker making/Nesting

Mark gives optimized support for marker making. Choosing between manual and automatic nesting is possible at any time, so the utilisation of the material is optimised. Additional functions like optimizing of the cutting path and much more, are integrated.



Upholstery nesting

Made to Measure

The made to measure programme enables a reduced timescale from customer order to delivery via an easy, user friendly interface, entering client measurements to produce accurate patterns tailored to the individual’s requirements.

The skills of the tailor/ pattern maker are harnessed in the assyst software to enable a consistent standard of amended patterns.

Customer measurements for made to measure production are easily achieved using data from body scanners. (to

download document in PDF format (3230 kb) 


3D Design software

Create 3D visualisation straight from your patterns, taking into account the properties of the textile, the body sizing of the human and of course, the patterns and their grading, 3D lets you see the virtual garment, check for fit, check the sizing, see how it will drape and much more. The complete integration with Pattern Design Software makes 3D easy to use and means alterations can be seen in 3D in an instant. The 3D image can be sent to all involved in the design process, customers and manufacturers so that the garment can be viewed from any angle. Alterations can be drawn in 3D and extracted into a 2D pattern.

Sample garments are expensive – 3D software reduces these

Time to market is dramatically reduced

True to Life fabric simulation

Produces high quality products through precise fitting