Assyst Bullmer Announce Launch of New Procut R90

Bullmer announce Launch of New Procut R90 – Bullmer R90

Discover the future of cutting technology with our ground breaking innovations. Every step we take is designed to make a difference and exceed your expectations.

Our completely new grinding unit sets new standards in terms of efficiency and precision. Continuous cutting with feed makes every cut a seamless experience. And with our segmented precision cuts, you can count on seamless cutting for perfect results on every project.

But that’s just the beginning. Our optimised vacuum pump technology ensures an even more effective way of working, while our exclusive design innovation in partnership with renowned designers ensures that our machines are not only technically brilliant, but also visually impressive.

And to enable you to work even faster and more flexibly, we offer you a quick-change system for the drilling units as well as a new high-precision knife guide. With our gantry drive for the X-axis, you can achieve unmatched precision and speed.

But our innovations are not limited to hardware. Our Bullmer machine software is a revolutionary solution that gives you full control over your production. And with the shortened infeed plate of the transfer bridge for clearing on Transclear, you will experience a smooth workflow like never before.

It’s time to push the boundaries of what’s possible and set new standards with our innovative solutions. Step into a world of uniqueness and creativity. Let’s make the difference together.