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Flexibility is key, as upholstery fabrics used in your furniture designs could range from plain, textured, patterned, leather and synthetic leather or even laminated foam.

Patterned fabrics can be matched to the standards you require using tools that match in the same way as manually or using camera recognition to automate the process.

For companies manufacturing a mix of fabric and leather seating, our unique upholstery cutting equipment can be configured to cut hides as well as soft covers. Purchasing one piece of equipment vastly reduces your capital outlay.

Customers own cover is easily accommodated with accurate purchase requirements and precise cutting.

Customising furniture such as riser recliner chairs and cushions designed to suit the needs of an individual user can be faultlessly made to measure with our software.

Marking the chosen textile for several such items with multiple permutations is easily accommodated with our interactive nesting packages, whether the run is short or long.

Understanding Automatic Fabric Cutting Machines

An automatic fabric cutting machine is a computer-controlled piece of equipment used in the textile and fabric industry to cut upholstery materials accurately and quickly. These machines use digital design files to create cutting patterns that are subsequently carried out by a laser or blade cutter.

Their importance stems from their capacity to minimise human error, increase speed and precision, and maximise material usage. In the upholstery industry, automating the cutting process reduces waste and boosts production efficiency, resulting in lower costs and better-quality products.

Features and Capabilities

Advanced Software Integration: To turn design files into cutting patterns, these machines use highly complex software. This minimises human error and allows for precise customisation.
Pattern Recognition: Our upholstery cutting machines are equipped with technology that recognises and aligns patterns on materials precisely, guaranteeing accurate and consistent cuts.
Multiple-Layer Cutting: Our machines can cut many layers of cloth simultaneously, saving you time and material waste.

Types of Automatic Fabric Cutting Machines

At Assyst Bullmer, we supply Single Ply Cutting Machines and Multi Ply Cutters able to meet your production needs.

Single Ply Cutting Machines:

For excellent precision when cutting single layers of upholstery and fabrics, our single ply cutting machines ensure all materials are lined up perfectly thanks to sophisticated automated scanning technology. We have single ply cutting machines able to handle an array of upholstery materials and leather.

Mult Ply Upholstery Cutting Machines:

Able to cut multiple layers of fabric at once, our multi ply automatic fabric cutting machines can be used alongside fabric spreading machines to optimise your production flow and process. If you are on a much larger scale and looking for efficient mass production, these machines increase cutting speed and are designed to cut large quantities of the same pattern.

How to Choose the Right Machine for Your Needs

Assyst Bullmer has the expertise to guide you on which upholstery cutting machine will be best for your organisation and operations. For any questions that need answering, get in touch with the team today.

When choosing an automated fabric cutting machine, consider factors including:

  • Your Daily or monthly production requirements
  • The types of fabrics you require cutting, from delicate to heavy-duty materials
  • The level of cutting precision you need

Furniture Cutting Machine

Various instruments are used in furniture cutting machines to cut upholstery for manufacturing. Our range of machines will each meet distinct cutting needs in the upholstery sector and include laser cutters, ultrasonic cutters, band knife cutters, straight knife cutters and round knife cutters.

Our range of single ply cutters features cutting speeds of up to 120 m/minute while still showcasing expert precision for furniture production. Explore our multi ply cutting machines for furniture materials with speeds of up to 90 m/minute, working well with both woven and non-woven furniture fabrics.

Sofa Cutter Machine

We have a selection of sofa cutting machines as a part of our upholstery cutting machine range, benefiting you in several ways.

  • Automated drawing and unloading, helping to save you time and labour.
  • High levels of accuracy thanks to guide rail transmission systems.
  • Cut multiple layers of sofa upholstery with some machines featuring elevated cutting heights of 80 mm.
  • Sleek design requiring little space and easy integration for your set up.

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