About Single Ply Cutters

Colloquially known by different industries as ply cutters, flat bed cutters, automatic knife cutters, tick cutters, cover cutters, die-less cutters, CAD cutters or most commonly “our cutter” – they are a dependable and crucial tool for every customer. When used with an automatic cradle, single-ply cutters enable users to cut directly from the material roll, resulting in a faster and more efficient production line.

They are equipped with laser pointers that outline the exact fabric cut and a conveyor belt, making them an asset for any business. Our single-ply cutting machines are up to 10 times faster than manual cutting and promise perfect incisions every time. As experts in automatic cutting machines, we understand the specific needs of each sector and strive to seamlessly integrate our machines into existing production lines.

Our Single-ply Cutting Machines

Take a look through the range of single-ply cutters we have available. 


The Premiumcut is one of the most flexible single-ply cutters on the market featuring interchangeable cutting tools, an automatic knife calibration and a fully automated unwinder on the newer models. With a maximum cutting speed of 120 m/minute and a working width of up to 5000mm, the Premiumcut delivers exceptional cutting power and speed.

Whether you require a tool to withstand mass production needs or to perform intricate cuts, this easy-to-use machine is the perfect solution. All suitable materials which can be cut using the Premiumcut include composites, leather, graphics, and even upholstery. Want to learn more about this piece of machinery, explore the product page here or contact a member of our team today.

Premiumcut Composites:

The Premiumcut Composites model is designed to handle composite materials with both precision and accuracy. Composites are used globally to manufacture products of all kinds, with some types up to six times stronger than conventional materials. The Premiumcut’s user-friendly interface, coupled with the ability to cut up to 35mm thick materials, makes it an ideal choice for various industries. To discover more about this model, feel free to contact our team.

Premiumcut Leather:

If you require excellent leather-cutting capabilities, this machine is the ideal choice to boost your productivity. Its precise movement guarantees the highest quality results, alongside the automated nesting process that ensures each piece of leather is scanned for holes and low-quality areas to minimise waste. More information regarding this model can be found on our dedicated leather cutting machine page and our friendly team is on hand to help with any additional questions you may have.

Premiumcut Graphics:

Bullmer’s Premiumcut ELC houses new upgrades, making it the perfect choice for those within the graphic industry. This single-ply cutting machine is highly efficient and productive, with a cutting width window between 1.4m and 5.2m to handle a wide range of products. It delivers accuracy and speed in a single machine, with the Optiscout digital finishing software specifically designed to handle intricate graphic designs and produce the best possible results. Contact our team today to enquire about this product or click through to the graphic cutting machine page to find out more. 

Premiumcut Upholstery:

The Premiumcut is an incredibly versatile machine that can handle all kinds of fabrics and textiles for furniture customisation. It is specifically designed to enhance your upholstery production process and the automated scanning capabilities ensure your patterned fabrics are lined up perfectly. To learn more about how our CNC machinery can upscale your industry, feel free to contact a representative or browse our dedicated upholstery cutting machine page


The XCUT is a cost-effective and user-friendly model for all your cutting requirements. At just 8m2, its space-saving design and flexibility make it an ideal choice for almost any industries. It boasts incredible scalability, allowing you to increase or decrease your production size according to your specific needs. Similar to the Premiumcut, it can cut materials up to 35mm depending on the material. Both beginners and experts alike can benefit from this piece of cutting machinery, so why not enquire today? Our dedicated product page will also provide you with some more in-depth information.  

 Interested in Our Single-ply Cutters?

If you’re ready to experience the efficiency and precision of our single-ply cutters, or maybe you require more information about our range of automatic cutting machines, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team at Assyst Bullmer is more than happy to assist you with your cutting needs or answer any questions.

Industries We Serve

Explore our industry pages below to discover how our single-ply cutters can enhance your production needs. Our CNC knife-cutting machines cater to various sectors, from apparel, upholstery, automotive and more.

What Our Customers Say

Here at Assyst Bullmer, we understand the importance of accommodating each customer’s unique needs. Read below to see what our previous customers have to say about their experience with our digital cutting machines.

News & Industry Updates

Keep up to date with all the latest news and industry updates related to automated cutting technology by exploring our blog. You’ll also find a wealth of valuable resources to stay ahead in the world of digital cutting.


At Assyst Bulmer, we supply our clients with the very latest in digital cutting machine technology, and our range of single-ply cutting machines is leading the way in a huge variety of industries, backed by our expert service offerings.  

With a roster full of happy customers, more than 25 years of experience, and our UK-based help desk, we are your trusted digital cutting supplier. 

Streamline Your Processes  

  • Boost your output by up to 20%  
  • Take advantage of the latest in cutting technology  
  • Details like notches, buttonholes, and quilts can all be pre-marked  
  • Have complete oversight of your workflow, and automate processes  

Tailored to Your Cutting Needs  

  • Customise your cutting parameters to suit your needs  
  • We can provide you with the single-ply cutting machine that best fits your processes  
  • Build a digitised workflow that boosts efficiencies  

Energy Efficiency 

  • Digital single-ply cutting machines intelligently reduce energy consumption 
  • Able to vary apparatus usage during idle periods to conserve energy  
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What People Say

The design software is the best I have ever used and, if I ever need help, I receive it promptly from you in Wakefield – thank goodness Assyst Bullmer don’t use foreign call centres!

- Anne Springthorpe, Designer

The dependable accuracy of the cut has allowed us to improve throughput in machining and upholstery by 20%. The sewing lines and notches are always clear and correct, making assembly so much easier. In my experience, the Premiumcut has the highest levels of reliability of upholstery cutting machines and thus low running costs.

- Peter Martin, Shackletons

During my career as a patternmaker I have worked with various pattern cutting systems. I prefer the Assyst Bullmer software by far.

- Shara Penermor, Pattern Designer

They are never stumped for an answer and have gone to endless lengths to provide a service that is the best in any area of engineering.

- Harry McLeese, The Corporate Wardrobe

I have no doubt we chose the right supplier.

- Christine Stuart, Milano Pro-Sport

The service and support we experienced throughout the installation and build up to full production was excellent and has resulted in a world class facility.

- Bernard Hurley, Relyon

We bought our first Premiumcut to replace press cutting and were so impressed we added a second Premiumcut a year later.

- Alan Ross, Stylex Auto Products

We need just one tenth of the man hours that the process used to take before.

- Mark Gardiner, Ribcraft

We changed our system to Assyst Bullmer as they had a strong reputation for the best service. That has been exceeded in practice

- Bill Kerrigan, MTP

I would have no hesitation in recommending Assyst Bullmer.

- Peter Wheeler, Roman Originals

I am pleased to say that we have found Assyst Bullmer’s service excellent.

- Neil Fox, Milano Pro-Sport

May I thank you and your colleagues for the efficient installation. In a short time the system is performing to all expectations. This is a credit to both parties.

- Adrian Green, Relyon

We are proud to be associated with Assyst Bullmer as a partner providing cutting expertise from the Premiumcut

- Darren Weston, URT

Tasks that would have normally taken us a day or more to complete using our engineering CAD system now takes literally minutes, achieving design intent without the need of multiple iterations and the associated frustration. The software is very intuitive and has been quickly learned by production staff. This has been such a time saver that myself and the other staff using it actually find it fun.

- James Lorbiecki, Senior Design Engineer, Martin Baker Aircraft Company