About Multi Ply Cutters

Our multi-ply static digital table cutters allow customers to cut up to 2.5cm or 8cm of compressed material, depending on the cutter type. They are usually used in combination with Bullmer’s fabric spreading machines, which enables the operators to spread the required number of layers of materials needed for production purposes. This process is commonly used in upholstery, fashion or composite manufacturing. 

Our Multi-Ply Digital Cutting Machines

Explore our range of high-performance multi-ply CNC knife-cutting machines, built to exceed your expectations, and provide outstanding results.


The Turbocut is a powerhouse of a cutting machine that promises faster production times and a significant cost savings ratio. With speeds of up to 90 m per minute, it is one of the fastest multi-ply cutting machines on the market. This tool is an excellent choice for those in fashion and upholstery as it works well with woven and non-woven apparel and home textiles. Their use, however, is not exclusive to these substances as they can also be used on composite materials, carbon fibre and glass fibre up to 25 mm. Embrace sustainable work practices whilst benefitting from less waste and lower power consumption.


The Procut is another top-tier multi-ply cutter that is well-suited for industries requiring high-quality cuts. Similar to the Turbocut model, it can reach speeds as high as 90 m per minute, whilst also minimising waste and energy consumption. The Procut however boasts an elevated cutting height of 80 mm – depending on the material. Its compact design requires little space, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup. 

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Multi Ply Cutters

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