About Our Order Management System

Assyst Bullmer can offer a unique integration of order management for your business’s production. We link our CAD software and nesting with customer order information, so our software can then sort according to material type, width and colour – or customisable preferences. All the orders are automatically nested for the production purposes on the Bullmer cutters and spreaders.

Assyst Bullmer offers bespoke order management solutions matching your needs and preferences.

What is Order Management?

Order management is a systematic process for efficiently tracking and fulfilling sales orders for different business sectors. An order management system handles the entire order process, from order creation though inventory updates, order fulfilment and shipping.

This innovative system ensures customer orders are managed accurately and delivered on time, as well as providing real-time updates on stock levels, reducing logistical errors and supplying vital feedback, enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining business operations.

Features of Assyst Bullmer’s Order Management System

Your cutting operations will be enhanced and business operations improved thanks to our order management software.

  • Integrated technology:

Our order management system is paired with our CAD and nesting software, allowing for both 2D and 3D designs to be prioritised for your cutting needs and consistent, high-level results every time.

  • Automated Nesting:

Benefit from automated nesting as part of our order management software, helping you to drastically reduce material waste, speed up cutting processes and accommodate complex designs and intricate patterns with ease.

  • Customisable Solutions:

Assyst Bullmer specialises in bespoke solutions for businesses looking for customisable approaches for their customers. Our order management can be tailored to your preferences, whether you need accurate estimates on lead times, real-time updates on stock counts or more streamlined categorisation, our system can handle all types of requirements.

Key Benefits of Our Order Management Software

  • Improve cutting accuracy and reduce excess waste
  • Speed up your delivery times for enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Gain real-time inventory visibility
  • Compatible with all Bullmer cutting machines
  • Reduce printing errors and logistical issues
  • Track customer order history and details for tailored support
  • Reduce costs on excess inventory, waste and shipping errors