Hand Cutters

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air powered cutterThe FP50, powered by compressed air, is used as in automotive factories, tent and tarpaulin manufacture, leather cutting, plastic processing, foam trimming (cutting stringers from injection moulded foam) and cutting fibreglass, carbon fibre and kevlar.

This powerful, extremely handy cutting machine, equipped with sturdy worm gear drive and decagonal blade and with flexible hard metal counterblade, enables its use in the cutting of hard materials in continuous operation.

The runner base is kept narrow and allows tight curves and acute angles to be cut.

The air switch permits infinitely variable knife speed.

The exhaust air is discharged backwards via a separate hose without causing inconvenience to the operator.

Cutting height: 10 mm
Decagonal knife: HSS 60 mm diameter
Compressed air motor: 350 Watt, 1900rpm at 6 bar
Air consumption: 0,22 m³/min

optima electric hand knifeThe extremely powerful, easily operated Optima – is a decagonal blade electro hand shear, a precision product with automatic switch mechanism and 100W motor.

It is particularly suitable for the clothing and textile industry, for cutting out of small parts.

A runner base manufactured in precision cast steel enables easy curved cutting as well as the following of straight edges with an accuracy measured in millimetres.

The efficient decagonal blade guarantees a satisfactory cut. In the industrial sectors of toys, dolls dresses or graphic arts, too, this cutting machine with full protective insulation has proved outstandingly successful.

Cutting height: several layers of material
Decagonal knife: HSS 50 mm diameter
Universal motor: 60 Watt, 11.000 rpm
Voltage: 230 V