Premiumcut Ultrasonic

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premiumcut ultrasonicThe PREMIUMCUT US is our cutter with Ultrasonic tool for cutting single ply straight from the roll – with conveyor or static bed  It is ideal for cutting composites and other types of technical textile.

Ultrasonic cutting cuts material without exerting pressure on the material and is interesting across a wide spectrum of materials, especially soft or loosely woven materials.

premiumcut ultrasonicThe Premiumcut US can be equipped with a variety of tools depending upon the material to be cut, which are easily interchangeable. “Invest once, cut everything” The material is held firmly against the cutting bed by a powerful vacuum and the conveyor automatically advances the material.

The Premiumcut uses a conveyor to allow unlimited nesting of components and therefore minimise material consumption as well as maximise productivity. The Premiumcut is also available with a static bed for companies who cut from fixed sheets of material.

A large number of material feed possibilities with automatic winding and rewinding devices, loading devices, fabric roll storage systems with manual and automatic fabric roll changing, distinguish the PREMIUMCUT as the global solution for single ply cutting, operated by only one person.

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