premiumcutCutters include the single ply Premiumcut for cutting straight from the roll, Turbocut for high speed cutting of single and low ply lays, Procut for the highest ply cutting for large volume production.

optima electric hand knifeAssyst Bullmer have been supplying cutters for 20 years and they are in daily use in most parts of the UK cutting clothing, upholstery, auto interiors, composite, glass fibre, insulation, textiles, carbon fibre, carpet, inflatables, Kevlar armour and other flexible materials.

Colloquially known by the different industries as ply cutters, flat bed cutters, automatic knife, tick cutters, cover cutters, laser cutters, die-less cutters, CAD cutters or most commonly “our cutter” – they are a dependable and crucial tool for every customer.