A Comprehensive Guide To Digital Cutters

Digital cutting technology continues to evolve. The ability to provide precision cutting through an array of different fabrics, textiles and composites has become an essential need for a variety of industries. This is due to the accuracy and speed with which they can handle the manufacturing needs of a business.

Digital Cutter Introduction

Everything from the automotive industry to the fashion industry depends on precision cutting to streamline productivity. Digital cutting machines provide speed and accuracy which in turn has produced increased efficiency. They’ve become essential for any business looking to enhance their production process.

Why Use Digital Cutting Machines

Reasons to use CNC cutting machines:

Cost-Effective cutting solutions  
Unique to your business needs 

At the top of the list is accuracy, this is a fundamentally important aspect when it comes to digital cutting. The ability to remain accurate while dealing with various designs and patterns is crucial. Thankfully, our automated scanning capabilities make everything line up perfectly and ensure your business the accuracy it needs.

Digital cutting machines for mass production are also among the most efficient and cost-effective methods of reducing labour costs. This combination of accuracy, precision, speed and cost efficiency has made them essential for businesses to meet consumer demand.

What Are The Industries That Can Benefit From The Digital Cutting Machine?

Many different industries benefit from Assyst Bullmer’s digital cutting machines.

Clothing industry– Benefit greatly from precision and speed while being able to handle the most complex pattern designs.
Upholstery industry– Provide flexibility for varying furniture patterns and designs.
Automotive industry– Built to handle carbon and glass fibre.
Composites– Can be equipped with a range of tools to handle a diverse range of materials.
Technical textiles– Our flexible digital cutting technology is designed to handle large production demands.

What Are The Different Types of Digital Cutting Machine?

Assyst Bullmer provides many digital cutting machines that are great at accommodating different consumer needs.

  • Single Ply Cutters, often referred to as ply cutters, are excellent in tasks that require precision and accuracy with the ability to produce high-quality cuts on all types of materials. Credited for their dependability, they enable users to cut directly from the material roll providing them with a quicker and more efficient production line.
  • The Premiumcut offers a maximum speed of 120m/minute and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to operate and cut composites, leather, graphics and upholstery.
  • The XCUT is a single ply cutter known for its flexibility. A high-performance machine capable of cutting through materials such as upholstery, woven textiles, composites, carbon fibre and glass fibre.
  • Multi Ply Cutters are associated mostly with upholstery, fashion and composite manufacturing. They provide quick production times while maintaining quality and precision. Designed to cut through multiple layers, it’s an excellent option for any business with mass production needs.
  • Procut offers high processing flexibility for mass production. It has up to 80mm in cutting height and is known for its adaptability.
  • Turbocut provides faster production times leading to significant cost savings. It can be used on composite materials, carbon fibre and glass fibre up to 25mm.

How To Choose The Right Machine For Your Industry

It’s important to understand your business needs when investing in a digital cutter.

For those in the automotive, garments or graphic industry, primarily dealing with single ply straight from the roll, then the Premiumcut might be the more suitable digital cutting machine. As it’s perfect for cutting carpet and upholstery, this is likely the most optimal choice. If it’s a more economical compact option that better suits your business, you may want to consider the XCUT.

If faster production times are a top priority, then the Turbocut is an excellent choice. For high-quality cuts with an emphasis on minimising waste and energy consumption, your best option could be the Procut multi-ply cutter.


Different industries depend on digital cutting machines because they offer precision cutting and enhance productivity in an efficient time-saving manner that provides business owners with peace of mind.

Start your journey today and we can review the options in digital cutting technology that best suits your business.