About Transroll

The Transroll is flexible fabric roll transport and storing system with automatic roll changer system for direct installation at a cutters front end. It is combined with either a bullmer spreading machine, a cradle, or a driven bar unwinding devices installed in front of a cutter, especially for single ply cutting. The functional interlinking of this system combination ensures automatic work flow from roll provision, through automatic programmed roll change, to fabric spreading and cutting. Remarkably, only one person is required to operate the entire system with the components and process described Due to the combination of a number of different work sequences – a continuous automatic process with roll mounting/roll provision/roll feed for spreading or cutting/ unrolling/roll rewinding to storage – the Transroll enables significant savings in time and thus improves the cost effectiveness of the process chain. The more frequently the roll is changed and the smaller the number of cut-outs per fabric roll, the greater the time savings and consequently the greater the cost effectiveness of the Transroll.


  • Max loading capacity up to 500kg per roll
  • Up to 12 rolls storage positions , roll weight depending