Leather Cutting

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Nesting Solutions

Dealing with leather poses a variety unique challenges, all of which you will find addressed by assyst bullmer’s expertly designed leather cutting machinery.

Whilst leather is a versatile material, the same qualities which make it desirable also require specialist attention. Ensuring maximum use of the quality zones of each hide at the same time as avoiding unattractive flaws are key features of our leather cutting technology.

By its nature, every piece of leather is different, making the process of nesting around the quality zones more complex than for other fabrics.

Assyst Bullmer have a range of nesting solutions that suit different sizes of leather processors


Ideal for companies who produce only some of their products in leather such as upholstery manufacturers, Quicknest fits any Assyst Bullmer cutter. Quicknest photographs the hide and the operator interactively nests the components onto the hide.

Automated Nesting Process

Advanced software delivers automated nesting which calculates optimum use of quality zones within the skin and high throughput.

  • Each individual hide is scanned by the camera which recognises natural flaws or holes. 
See also Interactive Nesting below
  • The nesting process takes into account the quality zones and edges of the leather to achieve a high efficiency
  • Cutting the leather with specially developed blades ensures perfect edges and notches for better fit when stitching or assembling.


Some products want to include natural features in the grain of the leather that are not picked up by any automated scanning machines, no matter how sophisticated.

The interactive nesting process not only eliminates pre-marking requirement; it also provides you with a unique opportunity for control as assyst bullmer’s is the only equipment available with this facility. Interactive nesting can be combined with automatic nesting

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Multi-Purpose Leather Cutting

Our hide cutting technology is ideally suited for processing leathers of all grades and skins of all sizes for every market including

  • car upholstery
  • domestic upholstery
  • handbags
  • accessories
  • motorbikes
  • saddles
  • and more

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