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cutting upholsteryCAD software is used by upholstery manufacturers to design new products, reduce the requirement for upholstered prototypes, prefect the templates for ease of sewing and upholstery and to nest the patterns to give minimise fabric use.

Upholsterers traditionally have templates hanging on the wall for each design they produce. The first task is to enter these shapes, this is easy using digipen (link to to open in new tab).

This wireless pen is the best way of entering upholstery templates, it can be taken to the upholstery or pattern wherever it is, the shapes are captured and when the pen is taken back to the CAD software the shapes are loaded.

PDS software allows the upholsterer to seam match panels, construct piping and borders automatically to fit the shaped pattern, add notches to help the sewing machinists and upholsterers, create alterations for made to order furniture, and link the cover shapes to foam cutters and frame makers.

Nesting for plain covers, random patterns , fully matched patterns and leather are all possible with Assyst Bullmer’s software. Mixing manual placement and automatic nesting, the best results are possible and, as upholstery fabrics and leathers are expensive, often being the major cost within the finished article, every metre saved is a worthwhile saving.