Conveyor Bed Cutting Machines

automotive seatingAssyst Bullmer’s ranges of conveyor bed cutting machines are proven and well suited in the application of cutting foam materials.

The machines are used in businesses involved with areas such as the automotive and upholstery industries. These applications demand speed and precision in the cutting of foam panels which can often be very large in size together with accurate cutting of foam that is often soft.

In some cases, especially in automotive and transport seating, foam is bonded to a face textile (foam laminate) and cutting this material is considerably more demanding than cutting plain textile, Assyst Bullmer’s cutters are in widespread use in this application.

If the seating is produced in volume it is normal for many plies of fabric to be cut simultaneously. This “lay” is prepared by a spreader or laying machine.

Assyst Bullmer’s range of Compact spreaders is in widespread use to perform this producing a lay of great accuracy and even tension.

The rolls of fabric used are often relatively light but very large as a result of the foam content and Assyst Bullmer have spreaders specifically designed for this task.

Leather is commonly used in seating. Assyst Bullmers Premiumcut can cut leather, scanning each hide for surface area and quality zones, nesting shapes to be cut within the hides and cutting the components.