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acoustic insulation

insulationSound insulation and thermal insulation is widespread, in housing, transport, automobiles, everywhere. It comes in many forms, some of which are effective insulators but can be an irritant to humans because of their fibrous or dusty nature.

Assyst Bullmer can cut materials directly from the roll using the Premiumcut or Procut. Dusty of fibrous materials are cut using a polythene film over the material as it is cut on a Procut.

The cutting process agitates the material much less than any other cutting method, meaning fewer fibres are removed from the material and the result is a cleanly cut edge. Any dust created in the cutting process is contained by the polythene film and removed by the vacuum filter. In many cases rolls or sheets are supplied to the constructor but in other applications the insulation product is supplied cut to shape.

Press knife cutting is often found in this industry but Assyst Bullmer cutters provide a more efficient method, reducing material costs and producing accurately cut components across a range of materials.

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