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inflatable boatsThe manufacture of inflatable boats requires the grinding and precision cutting of a very strong and tough PVC/woven cloth laminate such as Hyperlon®.

The material comes in many different brands and gauges, but it requires a strong vacuum table to hold the material down.

The material is a laminate of PVC plastic with inner layers of coarse cotton or nylon cloth that provides increased resistance to abrasion and considerable tear strength.

The material must be extremely wear resistant and it must be able to hold air pressure for a long period of time.
The panels that make up an inflatable boat hull are relatively simple in form, but must be precisely cut so that the taping and sealing of the seams is strong and durable.

In addition to cutting, Assyst Bullmer’s Premiumcut also grinds the material which removes the protective surface of the material to provide key for glue or bonding and identifies the cut components by pen or ink jet.