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pattern design

Pattern Cutting is an essential part of clothing design, the interpretation of a styling idea into physical reality. Good pattern design creates a silhouette that works on varying human body shapes. Patterns can be drafted directly, created from basic blocks or created based on an existing pattern.

Assyst Bullmer supply software for all types of pattern cutting and pattern design, whether creating lingerie, trousers, dresses, shirts, suits, any type of garment. Using tools that are familiar to any designer the PDS software makes any design easier and faster.

Darts, pleats and fitting lines can be added automatically, seams added with corners shaped for ease of sewing, then as the pattern is developed the software maintains the seam width and alters corners to fit the new pattern. Sleeves can be walked through armholes and balance notches added.

Accurate measurements can be taken at any point or across any pattern and measurements such as chest measures combined by the software for you; these can then be linked with size charts to compare the pattern.

Clothing is graded across a size range. S, M, L; 10,12,14,16,18: 40,42,44, you choose the designation and Assyst Bullmer’s grading software grades the patterns for you.

As alterations are made to the base pattern you can choose to alter the full size range, in which case the software does it for automatically, or whether to alter selected sizes only.

Patterns, base size or graded can then be sent to manufacturers and shared with the supply chain as import and export to other software in DXF, AAMA, ASTM and native formats is also included.

Designed by pattern cutters for the clothing industry, Assyst Bullmer’s Pattern Design software is easy to use and makes your life so much easier. It also drives 3D design,  costing and marker making.