Marker Making

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Marker Making

Marker making software is used in clothing for costings, ratings, and production.

Lay planning, nesting, marker making – it’s a simple task made important because the cost of fabric used in clothing is major part of the cost of the garment.

Different garments and fabrics have different limitations, the fabric could have a pile, other fabrics require all patterns in one garment to be cut one way whilst other sizes can be rotated, selve-edges are normally avoided but in some special cases need to be incorporated, the fabric could have placement prints, positional flaws, varying width, pattern matching, be folded or open or tubular, some pieces can be finely rotated off grain others must stay on grain – its an enormous list but Assyst Bullmer’s marker making software allows for every known clothing constraint.

Flexibility of approach is the mark of good software and Assyst Bullmer has this, manual marker making can link with automated features to copy blocks, repeat and fill the gaps, it links with fully automatic nesting whether using software on the same PC or linking to a web-based auto marking service which is cloud computing at its best; the results arrive on your screen in an instant and you haven’t had to buy any software.