Made to Measure

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Made to measureThere is a growing demand for stylish custom-made clothing of a superior standard to off-the-peg high street fashion. 
This made to order market can be served by integrating CAD into the measuring and marking processes.

Automation of traditional methods for made to measure clothing works well to compliment your tailoring skills.

When Only a Perfect Fit Will Do

Made to measureSome occasions demand individual tailoring for perfectly fitting attire. 
With our INTAILOR shop and INTAILOR MANUFACTURER software you can create better patterns for a single outfit or multiple wearers.

One off garments

These may be for a special event, weddings being the obvious example. There are other times when individual made to order 
clothing is the only solution.

  • Men’s suits
  • Bridal dresses
  • Diving suits, especially wet suits

Mass customisation

Clothing for groups of people wearing similar garments with a common function can call for larger production runs.

  • Safety clothing
  • Work wear
  • Women’s work wear
  • Military “dress” uniform

For these purposes, made to order apparel software generates patterns accounting for the special sizing requirements of individuals. 
Concurrently producing clothing for several wearers at a time will control expenditure on fabric – a major proportion of the overall 
manufacturing costs.

For grading software, see our fashion and clothing page.

Software for Seamless Processes

Enhance individual measuring with pattern grading software which improves the interpretation of the data

  • Measurements are made in the traditional way with a tape measure.
  • The next stage is manual input of each set of measurements into the specially designed INTAILOR programme.
  • Calculation of pattern piece size is adjusted for fit, design match along seams and optimal use of the chosen fabric.
  • Graded patterns can be cut by your team in house or sent abroad electronically for cost effective manufacture.
  • The customer receives a perfectly fitting personalised garment. They may have no knowledge of the streamlined process
which occurred across multiple locations.

Picture This – Adding a Third Dimension !
3D Scanning for the Ultimate in Made to Measure Garments

Now your customer can enjoy seeing how the completed outfit will look on their figure with Assyst Bullmer’s 
unique 3D body scanning and visualising equipment.

Scanning the person’s body takes a mere 30 seconds. The process eliminates the need for intimate measurements
around the crotch and bust areas to be taken by hand thus avoiding embarrassment for the customer.

The software is configured to interpret more measurements than ordinarily taken giving the most accurate possible 
picture of your client’s body shape. The screening information is supplemented by interpretation of data
gathered to build a picture of how human movement affects the fall of the fabric.

A simulation of the completed outfit is available for client and tailor to view and discuss. The computer 
generated 3D image can be rotated for front, back and side profiles.

Additionally, the system gives the most accurate grading possible for perfectly matched pattern pieces.
Intelligent nesting also maximises the use of fabrics employed.

Ask us for a demonstration – it’s the only way to really get the picture!

Find out how made to measure software or 3D scanning can help you create better made to measure clothing. 
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