International Sizing

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Apparel manufacturers and retailers market their products all over the world. A British company will find the clothing size requirements in China or the USA, for example, very different to the UK.

The demographic market share covered by each clothing size will also be different. However, until now, not much data on foreign customers and their sizes has been available, particularly with regard to clothing development or when decisions have to be made, such as which sizes to stock in the country. The correct decision to match sizes to the measured clothing market will increase sales and reduce unsold stock.

Internet retailers have a similar problem presenting the correct size for their market. This is why Human Solutions has developed iSize – the international body dimension portal for the interactive analysis and optimization of in-house garment development and production.

Basic functions

Country selection (also in combination for more than two countries)

Gender selection (men, women, boys, girls and unisex combinations)

Age group selection

Standardised and comparable results between countries

Additional functions

Comparison analysis of international markets –

> Interactive analysis and evaluation of individual body dimensions

> Interactive matching of in-house size charts to export markets

> Interactive trade forecasts for selected export markets

Increased efficiency

The interpretation of data on paper can now be dispensed with the on-line approach

Seamless communication and information transfer from marketing and sales to designers and pattern grading.

Increased reliability

Dependable marketing and sales planning culminating in decision-making

Dependable production and logistics planning