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3D bodyscanning imageAs world market leader for 3D body scanning, Human Solutions is always at the cutting edge of technology with its solutions.

With the help of Human Solutions 3D body scanners, highly accurate methods for the acquisition of body dimensions have been developed – methods that have a multitude of uses such as garment size surveys, sports science analysis, 3D body measurement research, obesity research, ergonomics development, sport scouting research, and retailer size information. The body scanner’s optical triangulation process by Human Solutions is currently the most accurate method of measurement in the world. It enables the contact-free and fully-automated acquisition of more than 140 body dimensions and an exact, three-dimensional image of the human body. The scan time per person lasts for less than 10 seconds, from head to foot.

A simple calibration procedure and specifically developed hardware and software make it extremely easy to learn how to handle the system.


ANTHROSCAN is an efficient system for serial measurement programs. It automatically determines the exact dimensions and the realistic motion behaviour of test persons, linking the resulting data with socio-graphic information. Used in combination with Human Solutions’ precise 3D body scanners (body, foot, weighing scales), ANTHROSCAN software provides a complete solution for the planning, execution and evaluation of extensive body size measurement programs and anthropometric study projects. ANTHROSCAN’s data analysis system is unbeatably efficient and gives constant quality in body measurement. Both of these facts play a decisive role in cost-effective – and qualitatively optimal – implementation. ANTHROSCAN not only supports the administration and processing of several body postures, it also performs automated measurement based on anatomical reference points.

Compatible with ISO 7250, ISO 8559, ISO 15535, ISO 20685, EN 13402