About Premiumcut Leather Cutting Machine

Whilst leather is a versatile material, the same qualities which make it desirable also require specialist attention. Ensuring maximum use of the quality zones of each hide at the same time as avoiding unattractive flaws are key features of our leather cutting technology.

By its nature, every piece of leather is different, making the process of nesting around the quality zones more complex than for other fabrics.

Assyst Bullmer have a range of nesting solutions that suit different sizes of leather processors

Automated Nesting Process

Advanced software delivers automated nesting which calculates optimum use of quality zones within the skin and high throughput.


  • Each individual hide is scanned by the camera which recognises natural flaws or holes. See also Interactive Nesting below
  • The nesting process takes into account the quality zones and edges of the leather to achieve a high efficiency
  • Cutting the leather with specially developed blades ensures perfect edges and notches for a better fit when stitching or assembling.


Download the leather nesting brochure here.

Enhanced Leather Efficiency and Better Productivity

The leather industry is under pressure from a number of sources, key among which is to reduce its environmental impact through the reduction of waste and the creation of a circular economy. Not only is this a primary consumer concern, but a means for leather manufacturers to improve efficiency.  

Thankfully, advanced technologies including a new generation of leather cutting machines can drastically reduce waste in the production of leather goods with the use of smart technologies. At Assyst Bullmer we stock some of the industry’s most advanced leather cutting machines, designed to help you improve your processes and satisfy consumer demands.  

Benefits of Our Premiumcut Leather Machine

Because leather is a natural material, each piece is different and has the potential to include a variety of possible flaws that can reduce the quality of the end product or result in high levels of wastage.  

Our Premiumcut leather cutting machines use advanced software and scanning technology to automatically nest hides based on quality zones. They’re also equipped with specially developed blades that create perfect edges for a better quality final fit.  

With our range of leather cutting machines, you can reduce waste and dramatically improve your process efficiency and, in turn, your overall costs, as well as improve the quality of your finished products.  

Watch a video on automatic nesting for leather upholstery in furniture manufacturing

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