Quality Graphic Cutting Machines for Businesses

Our range of high-quality graphic cutter machines are specially designed to help you improve precision, increase cost efficiencies, and raise production speeds.  

We supply the fastest cutting machines available, boasting cutting speeds of up to 120m/minute and cutting head acceleration of up to 3G. Our industry-leading range of Premiumcut ELC single-ply graphic cutter machines include a breadth of size capabilities, from 1.4m to 5.2m, and are able to handle even the largest cutting jobs.  

With the use of a pneumatic oscillating knife, the Premiumcut ELC cutting machine can even handle cutting depths of up to 5cm.  

What our Machines Can Do for You

  • Unmatched cutting speeds of up to 120m/minute – alleviating production bottlenecks caused by slow cutting  
  • Range of cutting widths from 1.4m to 5.2m to handle even the largest projects  
  • Cut single-ply materials even up to 5cm in depth  
  • High-precision cutting every time  

OptiScout Digital Finishing Software

Designed to complement your new Premiumcut ELC graphic cutter machine, we also supply advanced OptiScout digital finishing software, created by our digital partner Eurosystem.  

Designed for multifunctional flatbed machines in industrial usage in outline-exactly digital finishing processes, OptiScout utilises modular optical recognition systems as well as Touch and Go interface technology for easy user operation.  

With unbeatable graphic cutter machines and advanced software to power them, it’s no wonder that we’re ahead of the competition at Assyst Bulmer.  

Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from twinning your Premiumcut ELC graphic cutter machine with OptiScout digital finishing software: 


  • Maximised finishing throughput  
  • Reduced processing costs  
  • Decreased number of rejects  
  • Enhanced versatility 
  • Increased precision  
  • Optimised workflows  

Our Graphic Cutter Machines are the Fastest on the Market – Enquire Today

With more than 25 years of experience in the supply of cutting machines and equipment, including graphic cutter machines, cutting-edge software and even material unrolling machines, Assyst Bulmer is the provider of choice for all things cutting.  

Thanks to extensive expertise, development and testing, our graphic cutter machines allow for unbeaten cutting speeds of up to 120m/minute, all while delivering superb accuracy every time. Better yet, twinned with our advanced software offering, you can reduce your pattern design needs by up to 30%, and realise savings of up to 20% on material costs.  

As a company owned entirely by its employees, we care about your business’s well-being too. For all your graphic cutting needs, including friendly aftercare, advice and training, Assyst Bulmer is here for you.  

Contact us today to enquire about our range of advanced graphic cutter machines. You can fill out our online form, call us on 01924 373900, or email us at sales@assystbulmer.co.uk  

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