About Premiumcut Composites

The Premiumcut is equipped with a variety of tools depending upon the material to be cut, which are easily interchangeable. “Invest once, cut everything” These tools include drag knife, electric or pneumatic reciprocating knife, driven rotary knife, ultrasonic knife, pen or inkjet marker. The material is held firmly against the cutting bed by a powerful vacuum and the con- veyor automatically advances the material.

The tools enable the PREMIUMCUT to cut pre- preg, dry carbon, glass, Kevlar, tooling consumables, foams and honeycombs.
The Premiumcut uses a conveyor to allow unlimited nesting of components and therefore mini- mise material consumption as well as maximise productivity. The Premiumcut is also available with a static bed for companies who cut from fixed sheets of material.

Ply identification can be with the standard pen, labelling system an ink jet part marker, offload- ing screen to instruct the operator, laser guided pick up or the need can be eliminated by use robotic pick up where the robot picks the plies in the required order and stacks them automatically.

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