Milano-Pro-Sport is the home of the highest quality gymwear, leotards, sportswear and dancewear. Over the last 16 years Milano have kitted out 17 international gymnastic teams including Japan, France, Germany and Russia. When you buy a leotard from Milano you don’t get just a leotard; you get a piece of sporting history made with care and excellence in our own factory in the UK.

Milano’s leotards feature strong design which are not only creative but must fit perfectly as any defect in fit can lose a gymnast points off their score. Of all the potential suppliers Milano looked at when deciding to invest in Cad software Assyst Bullmer stood out because they really understood the complexity and challenges Milano faced. Milano invested in a comprehensive CAD system with an automatic fabric spreader and Procut cutter so that the garments are always cut precisely to the design.

The result is that the precision of pattern work and accuracy of cutting have resulted in garments that display this design perfection.  “Once the equipment was installed it also let us design attractive new features  in our garments,  often including cutting very small components, that were only possible with the equipment. This has added to the unique design of Milano garments.” Says Neil Fox, Managing Director.

“I am pleased to say that we have found Assyst Bullmer’s service excellent. If design or cutting have a problem –and we know that any delay can soon become critical for us – we are quickly talking directly with the person at Assyst who can deal with the problem. They tele-work on our system with us until we both see that the problem is solved; this has saved so much time and stress.”

“In my six years as Managing Director of Milano we have never missed a delivery deadline due to a machine failure. I can’t think of a better accolade for Assyst Bullmer’s products and service.’’

Milano-Pro-Sport gymnastics leotard Milano-Pro-Sport gymnastics leotard