Relyon“Relyon make The Best Beds in the World, as part of our program to become a world class manufacturer we embarked upon an improvement project for our cutting facility. We viewed products from suppliers who were all keen to supply standard systems as found in upholstery manufacture: however, bed manufacture has specific demands of its own as we also expected the system to reduce the manual handling risks for our employees”, says Bernard Hurley, Production Director.

“We wanted a flow process in the factory. Moreover, we wanted to be able to load, cut, sew and manufacture without any bottlenecks. We had identified that laying was the main bottleneck. Because of the number of lays and the different sizes of fabric we use, most of the systems we saw couldn’t cope. Therefore we needed a specially built system”.

Trial showed that the platform loader was the fastest way of loading and unloading the many rolls Relyon needed to change each day whilst minimising manual handling risks.

The spreader is an Economic 6 which combines the ease of cradle feed with automatic threading.

The cutter is a Procut 5001 and the wearing parts of the Procut head are in a sealed knife drive unit (rather like the engine of a car) which is lubricated automatically and gives high levels of reliability, low noise levels and very low running costs.

The cutter also benefits from online maintenance so an engineer can make adjustments to it remotely without delays and the costs of an onsite visit. The whole production line has been designed to minimise running costs.

Relyon Upholstery CutterRelyon’s team looked at several potential suppliers: it wasn’t just the technology, nor the company’s willingness to adapt its machines to suit Relyon’s exact needs that led them to Assyst Bullmer. It wasn’t price as there were less expensive options available. As much as anything it was the after sales service Assyst Bullmer promised.

Bernard says, “The service and support we experienced throughout the installation and build up to full production was excellent and has resulted in a world class facility”.

Relyon was the first bed manufacturer to be awarded the prestigious Production Guild Mark of the Worshipful Company of Furniture.