Top 10 Reasons

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Assyst Bullmer


Our software, cutters and spreaders are frequently praised as the most reliable in the market, which explains why you will have lowest running costs with Assyst Bullmer products.

UK based helpdesk

Our helpdesk is based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. We speak English as practised in Yorkshire! No calling a foreign call centre with Assyst Bullmer!

Years of experience

We have been here for over 25 years. Our staff are the most experienced in our business, and some have been here since the beginning, which enables us to give the best advice, fix things first time and help with whatever issues a customer has.

Made in Germany

Our cutters and spreaders are Made in Germany. German made machinery has a strong reputation for the best engineering and highest reliability. Some of our customers have equipment over 20 years old, still in daily use, German engineering lasts!

Happy Customers

We have many happy customers throughout the UK and Ireland where our products are in daily use and crucial to their success. You will enjoy working with us. We are passionate about our business and enjoy working one-to-one with our customers, so it’s a two-way thing

UK based support

Our engineers are British, call us and you can speak with them directly. Same time zone, same holidays, in touch with you as quickly as you expect. We have a comprehensive range of parts and consumables in Wakefield so you don’t wait for the things you need.


We have a local attitude to our customers, we customise our machinery and build to the dimensions you want, we meet our customers’ requirements, we fit in with your plans.

Companies have changed to Assyst Bullmer

Many companies have changed to Assyst Bullmer having started with one of our competitors systems. Benefit from these companies’ experiences and choose Assyst Bullmer first.

We own our company

Assyst Bullmer Ltd is 100% owned by its employees. Employee ownership is rare in the UK and John Lewis is often mentioned as the best known example. It’s our business, we care about it and our customers, and are all committed to doing the best we can every day.


We are competitive – our technology, our cutters, our prices, our training and support – and we like to prove it. Give us a chance to prove it to you.